Become a Donor

Donating Blood is safe and simple. The entire process, from registration to refreshment, takes approximately 30 minutes. Strict procedures for every step of the process ensure the safety of the donor and of the blood supply. Every measure is taken so that the donation is safe for the donor and the recipient.


Step 1: Registration


In the reception area, general information (name, address, etc.) is recorded. Pre donation information about the whole process, TTIS and post donation counselling will be given. you can also Register online here.


Step 2: Medical interview and Mini Physical check


Donor will meet privately with a blood bank nurse to review your medical history and give  Pre donation counselling .This information will be kept confidential.


During the mini –physical, donor weight and blood pressure will be checked. A drop of blood will be taken from donor’s finger and tested to make sure the he/she have enough iron carrying red blood cells to safely donate blood. Donor will then be asked to sign on the donor enrollment form.


Step 3: The donation


Donor will be taken to the actual donation area, where a phlebotomist perform vein puncture properly cleaning of the site. The actual donation takes less than 10 minutes.  Donor will be counseled to come and get post donation counselling. All materials used during your donation are pre-packaged, sterile and disposable. They are used only once and then discarded.


The Criteria for Blood Donation


  • A Sense of free will.
  • Age range from 18 to 65 years old.
  • Weight above 45 kgs
  • Free from TTIS (Transmission Transmissible infection)
  • Absence of chronic medical condition
  • Last donation made at least 3 months prior to the current donation.


Benefits of Blood Donation

  • Enables one to involve humanitarian service
  • Offers mental satisfaction
  • Enables one to know his/her blood group free of charge.
  • Enables one to know his/her TTIs result through post donation counseling.